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Update - Beach Nourishment Project - 11/2/2012

The Town's upcoming beach nourishment project is tentatively scheduled to begin in February and be complete by the end of March.  Due to budget constraints, the project has been scaled back slightly, and will likely involve the placement of approximately 630,000 cubic yards of sand (compared to 676,000 cubic yards in the original plan) placed along approximately 4.1 miles of beach. 

The geographic boundaries of the project have not changed, and plans call for the beach to be nourished between 5th Street and Pier Pointe in eastern Emerald Isle, and also between Myrtle Drive and Ocean Oaks Drive in western Emerald Isle.  These areas were selected after careful review by the Town's engineers, County officials, and Town officials, and are the areas most impacted by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 and that have the greatest overall need of the Town's 12 miles of beach.  The nearly $10 million project will be funded by a combination of FEMA funding, County funding, and Town funding.

Regular updates will be posted at when the project is initiated.   

21st Street - Beach After Sandy

Carteret County Beach Commission Approves Additional Nourishment Funding

The Town, in conjunction with Carteret County, continues work on a planned beach nourishment project set to occur in January - March 2013.  The project is expected to include the placement of approximately 675,000 cy of sand along approximately 4 miles of the Town's beach that suffered the greatest erosion losses during Hurricane Irene.

FEMA is providing a total of $3.8 million for this project, and the Town has committed $1.5 million.  The Carteret County Beach Commission previously committed $1.5 million, and the Town had also requested $3 million from the State of NC for this project.  The State did not include funding for the Town's project in its FY 12-13 budget, leaving a $3 million shortfall that could have resulted in less sand placed on the beach.  Fortunately, the Carteret County Beach Commission recently voted to contribute an additional $3 million for the project to replace the State funding that was not provided.  The Town is thankful for the Beach Commission's support, and pleased that the project can move forward with the full scope anticipated. 

 State permitting approvals have been received, and Federal approvals are expected in the coming weeks.  Construction bids will be solicited in September, and construction is expected to begin in January.  The exact project scope and project boundaries will be finalized after construction bids are received.  

The Beach Commission is utilizing reserve funds to make this additional contribution at this time.  This one-time additional contribution to replace the lack of State funding is prudent for the 2013 project, however, the Beach Commission will not have sufficient funds in the future to replace State funding.  The Town will continue its efforts in 2013 to secure legislative approval for a new 1% beach preservation tax levied on all sales and use transactions within the Town to provide the required State funding for future projects.


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