Rules of Procedure

Adopted February 12, 2002
Revised January 13, 2004 (meeting time)
Revised July 13, 2010 (meeting time)
Revised December 14, 2010 (Rule 30)
Revised May 13, 2014 (meeting time)
Revised November 10, 2015 (Rule 21 and Rule 23)
Revised June 13,2023 (Rules 21, 23 and 25)


The following rules of procedure were adopted based on suggested rules found in Suggested Rules of Procedure for a City Council, written by A. Fleming Bell, and published by the Institute of Government. Essentially the rules are a modified version of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (hereinafter referred to as RONR). These rules detail the more informal procedures that might be expected with a small board. These rules modify RONR with the following principles in mind:

  1. The council must act as a body.
  2. The council should proceed in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. The council must act by at least a majority.
  4. Every member must have an equal opportunity to participate in decision making.
  5. The council's rules of procedure must be followed consistently.
  6. The council's actions should be the result of a decision on the merits and not a manipulation of the procedural rules.

Throughout these rules the city governing board is referred to as the "council," in keeping with the wording of G.S. Chapter 160A.

Rules of Procedure for Town of Emerald Isle Council Meetings