Coyote and pest control options


The Town of Emerald Isle has implemented a Coyote Trapping Program. Residents and property owners are authorized to utilize licensed trappers to trap coyotes in Emerald Isle. The authorized trapping season begins December 1 and extends through February 28.

See full details of the program (PDF). Read FAQs about coyotes in Emerald Isle (PDF).

Please visit the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (PDF) for helpful facts about coexisting with coyotes.

Property owners can also visit the NC Wildlife Resources Commission website for information about wild animals.

Pest Control

For Emerald Isle residents or property owners who wish to contact someone for local rat and pest control services, there are several area options available. Please note, pest control is not handled through Town staff or Carteret County Animal Control Officers. 

    David Davenport: 252-13-0832

    Rid A Pest: 252-240-2266

    John Pollard: 252-726-4982 (Rats/Mice only)

    Michael Kelly: 252-723-7160 (Coyotes only)

    Bryan McKay: 252-726-7174 (Cats, Rats and Mice)

The public may also call the NC Wildlife Helpline at 866-318-2401 for information on trapping and transporting wildlife or other related issues. 

If you come across an animal displaying signs of rabies, please immediately call 911 or the Carteret County Animal Control at 252-728-8585.

According to the Carteret County Health Department, “rabies symptoms usually develop between 20-60 days after exposure. Rabid animals may become aggressive, combative, and highly sensitive to touch or other kinds of stimulation and they can be vicious. This is the ‘furious’ form of rabies, the kind traditionally associated with mad dogs. 

“There is also a ‘dumb’ form of the disease in which the animal is lethargic, weak in one or more limbs, and unable to raise its head or make sounds because its throat and neck muscles are paralyzed. In both kinds of animal rabies, death occurs a few days after symptoms appear, usually from respiratory failure.“