What about Hurricanes, Evacuation and Re-Entry?

We do, occasionally, have a hurricane threaten our community. We sometimes have to evacuate the island during these storm events. There is not a community evacuation shelter in Emerald Isle but there is a County shelter located in Newport, approximately 15 miles east of the bridge to Emerald Isle.

The island is closed to the public immediately after a storm for which a public evacuation was ordered. Once an assessment is made that the roads can be safely traveled, the Town is re-opened. If damage is minimal, the Town will be re-opened to everyone at the same time. If damage is more significant, the Town may initially only be re-opened to residents and property owners. Disaster Re-Entry Permits are required if the Town has re-opened the bridge to residents and property owners only. Disaster Re-Entry Permits are permanent permits, and have previously been issued free of charge to all property owners. Additional and/or replacement permits can be obtained from Police Department for a fee. Permits are not issued within 24 hours of projected landfall. You should get your permit prior to hurricane season. When you get your permit, put it in the glove compartment of your car.

The best source for Emerald Isle specific information during a weather emergency is on the home page of this site. Hurricane information is updated on this site. As long as telephone service is operational, this site will be operating and frequently updated with the latest conditions and announcements. Periodic updates are also emailed to subscribers to the Town's email newsletter.

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