Why did we do this?

Several reasons, including:

  • General aesthetic concerns; so the beach doesn't look so cluttered
  • General fairness; so that no one group "takes over" a particular stretch of beach and everyone has a chance to enjoy the beach
  • Sea turtle nesting concerns; the tents on the beach overnight can impede nesting sea turtles and impact hatchlings
  • Public safety; the tents can be a hazard for people walking on the beach at night and also for Town vehicles on the beach at night
  • Litter; summer nighttime storms often leave the beach a mess with blown-over tents on the beach and in the surf zone, plus many people simply abandon their tents when they leave Emerald Isle

Penalty - Violators may receive a warning for the first violation, but Town staff have the authority to confiscate unattended beach equipment left out between 8 pm and 8 am.

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2. Why did we do this?
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