Where are golf cart parking spaces located?
LocationNumber of Spaces

Channel Dr Access

Ocean Oaks Access9
Pinewood / Conch2
Deer Horn Access3
Fawn Access2
Shore Rush access3
Sea Gull NW2
Eagles Nest Access1
Lee Ave / Ocean Access6
James St / Ocean SW8
Ethel Access1
Craig / Ocean SW2
Craig / Ocean SE1
Bluewater / Ocean SE4
Pinta / Ocean Access1
Whitewater / Ocean SE2
Beachview across from Access2
Clark Access1
Cedar Tree Access2
Fairfax Access1
Carolyn across from access3
Georgia Access3
Hubert - Rhett Access3
14th / Ocean Access1
13th / Ocean Access1
10th / Ocean Access1

Total spaces as of May 25, 2020




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1. Where are golf cart parking spaces located?
2. What are the regulations about driving golf carts in Emerald Isle?